Multi-carriers and standardized brand experience

With Wing, provide the same delivery experience to your customers regardless of the chosen shipping location (stores or warehouses).

They trust us for their Ship from Store

Jonak relies on Wing to relieve its stores from order preparation tasks

Jonak wanted to standardise its customer delivery experience, whether its shipments leave from its warehouses or from its shops in Ship from Store.


- Staff is not trained in order packaging
- Some carriers do not wish to collect from stores
- Collection hours are not flexible
‍- Stores are not organized like logistics warehouse


Wing offers Jonak a daily collection from its stores. It retrieves the products and takes care of packaging and orders shipping. This organizational change has marked a real turning point in Ship from Store growth. Reliable and time-saving, Wing perfectly meets Jonak's expectations. To top it off, the budget is not higher than when Jonak operated internally.

What they like about Wing

Portal for tracking all Ship from Store orders

Customized packaging, just like in the warehouse

Negotiated rates on all shipments

Bensimon is requesting Wing's support in its Ship from Store strategy.

In order to enhance its customer experience, Bensimon has decided to implement a Ship From Store strategy.
The aim: to have a unified inventory between online and physical stores, thereby reducing stock shortages.


- Stores are not organized like logistics warehouses
- Staff is not trained in packaging eCommerce shipments
- Stock shortages due to excessive eShop inventory


Wing offers Bensimon a greater flexibility in stock management, enabling them to have a successful omnichannel strategy. With daily pickups from all of its stores, Wing ensures the brand with high-quality packaging that meets its customers' demands. Thanks to its extensive network of carriers, Wing enables Bensimon to fulfill its commitment of shipping within 2 business days.

What they like about Wing

Fast collection and dispatch

Quality of packaging

Dashboard connected to their back office to automate logistics processes

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