Wing, a startup focused on the future

The essence of Wing is based on the fundamental values it has embodied since its inception. With a focus on the future and its societal and environmental challenges, we place humans and the environment in which they operate at the center of all our decisions, aiming to provide a sustainable solution with high added value.

Make your logistics a growth driver

Each service offered has been designed and developed with the aim of providing flawless operational efficiency and high-quality services to e-commerce businesses.
Our goal is to make your logistics a growth lever. From receiving your products to shipping your orders, our priority is to provide you with a unique customer experience that meets your expectations.

For a logistics more aware of environmental issues

At Wing, ecology has always been at the heart of our concerns. Since our inception, concrete actions have been implemented to reduce our impact on the environment sustainably.
- Replacement of our plastic pouches with a solution made from 70% corn starch, 100% recyclable.
- Replacement of our acrylic adhesive with a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable kraft gummed tape.
- FSC Certificate 2021 - 152 Trees saved from drowning.

Committed to tomorrow

Belonging to a rapidly evolving sector, Wing is aware of its social and environmental responsibility in urban development projects. As a first-mile actor, we are committed to creating a virtuous and positive ecosystem with all our partners, aiming to provide ambitious and innovative solutions for the logistics and transportation of tomorrow.

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